ann nielsen


11.08.2024 14:15

Ann Nielsen & tumasch è

Churer Fest, Arcas


Ann Nielsen & tumasch è

Schwendi Air, CH

05.09.2024 21:00

Ann Nielsen & tumasch è

Roxy Bar, Zürich, CH

14.09.2024 20:15

Ann Nielsen & tumasch è

Kirche, Waltensburg, CH

07.10.2024 20:15

Ann Nielsen & tumasch è

København, DK

25.10.2024 20:00

Ann Nielsen & tumasch è

Scrinaria Schwarz, Trun, CH


there are new songs on the way. ann and tumasch è are currently working on a new album with very interesting producers and musicians from different parts of Europe.

one black spot

the ep, released on the 28th of february 2023
with 5.5 songs, that take us all to different moods. emotional, funny and very special.
all songs were written by ann nielsen/tumasch è and recorded with leo virgili between 2020 - 2022

chf / usd / euro 15.- worldwide delivery included.

twint: 078 795 12 13



the 10 songs on the album are about a certain life phase. there is a lot of love, anxiety, happiness and even anger expressed in the songs.

the cd comes with a lovely little booklet with the lyrics.

floodflower was recorded in three different countries with very skilled, creative musicians and sound engineers.
four songs were recorded in denmark, three in italy and three in ireland.

chf / usd / euro 20.- worldwide delivery included.

twint: 078 795 12 13


listen please

a small collection of songs written between 2018 - now.


ann grew up in denmark. her childhood was chaotic.

as a young kid ann composed songs and sang to herself, mostly in a dreamy state of mind. aged 12 she had her first performance on a large stage.

at the age of 14 she started singing with a band. they composed their own songs and had many gigs in denmark.

she lived in germany for some years. among others she made music with reinhold heil (spliff, nina hagen, nena). with her band silky racketeers she toured big parts of germany and austria.

she moved to switzerland in 1999. the band limited edition, limed, was founded. they were nominated for the prix walo, played at the open air val lumnezia and toured great parts of switzerland.

She started writing songs with tumasch è in 2018. They have published two albums together, and are working on the third. They are constantly touring through Switzerland an other parts of the world, mainly in Europe.